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Interview with an Art-O-Mat® artist:

Name: Mary T Barton

Location: Driftwood, Texas

Day job/career:  Bookkeeper/Artist

How many years have you been an Art-O-Mat® artist? 10 years

What do you make for Art-O-Mat® (if multiple series please list all)? Abstract ink designs

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How would you describe your art style (and has it changed throughout the years)?

My art is expressive and vibrant, using lots of color and movement.  I work mostly with inks and acrylics.

Brief personal bio:  I live in central Texas and work as both a gallery artist and a bookkeeper – working organization and creativity together.  I have been an artist my entire life, but professionally the last 20 years.  I have a separate studio from our house (same property) and love that I can make a mess and leave it!

 My husband and I have two grown sons, finally some girls in the family with our lovely daughters-in-law, four perfect grandchildren, and two incredibly spoiled Labradors. 


A quirky fact about you?  I am a lefty, but right-hand dominant.  I laugh at all my own jokes (that are admittedly terrible).

Who/what are you inspired by? Nature first of all, modern masters from VanGogh, Matisse, Gauguin, Monet, Seurat…..

Favorite art piece you have made so far? I have two.  “Through the Artist’s Eye” which I use mostly on logos, etc.  and “Breath of Spring” which is in our guest room.

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What are your main art goals for 2022? To become more engaged and establish set times to be in my studio.  Otherwise, housework and all the daily grind can get in the way.

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