My Studio Tour

Welcome to my studio ❤️
Just a little building steps away from our home.
It holds so much that is precious to me.
It is where I can escape and create art, leave a mess, come and go all hours of the day and night, and keeps me sane.
I have chosen to use furniture from both of our families for my storage. There are memories incorporated throughout to remind me of where I came from.
I have this 16 x 16 space crammed to it’s limit.
What do I do when I step through that door? Clay sculptures, acrylic and alcohol ink paintings (and sometimes just sit in my chair and decompress).
Hope you enjoy this little tour ....
The back red wall is full of stories.
My sister came and helped me come and paint for my birthday that year (2006). She also painted the acrylic triptych in the center for my studio.
The white cups (on the shelf just below the window) were from Grandmother's  (my Dad's mom) Paint N Putter Palace.
You will spy an oil painting (landscape and trees) from my grandmother on my Mom's side.
Right in the middle is a desk -- I know you can't see it. But, it is there! The desk was Pa's -- my husband's maternal granddad.
The 3-drawer cabinet on the desk was from my grandparent's very first house (my Dad's parents -- and owners of the paint n putter palace).
The cabinet housing all the small framed pieces on the right was my husband's paternal granddad,  PopPop's and it housed a bell collection from their travels.

This is my clay station with canvas table and slab roller.
Lots of fun creating happens here.

The black and white cabinet holds odds and ends inside with all my recent sculptures and clay projects on top of it.

That cabinet has lived many lives: originating from the Darrouzett hotel that my parents bought and refurbished. First it was a photography cabinet for my dad to store his chemicals and equipment. After that, my sister painted it and used it as a child's wardrobe for both her children. Then I used it for my children for the same reason! It sat in storage for a while. My father-in-law, used it as a utility cabinet in his laundry room for a while. Then it went back to storage where I decided to save it one last time. I painted it again, and are currently using it for a lot of random supplies! It will be interesting to see the next life it leads after I'm gone. Where ever it lands, it has some great vibes and history.
top pic: Curio cabinet turned paint storage. Clean up station and glaze sample board. Wine frig from my Dad's shed to my shed. Clay extruder on the wall (basically a grown-up Play-Doh machine). Several carts on wheels with paints, inks, papers, etc. Easy to roll from place to place depending on the project at hand.

bottom left: My neighbors work bench turned shipping station -- I love the organization!

bottom right: Back corner FULL of finished paintings and prints patiently waiting for new homes. 
I had high shelves installed when we built the studio knowing that I wanted all my "special things" to have a home. From dolls that used to ride on 45 records, books, first pottery pieces, etc. They are safe and sound up there (on both side walls of my gallery).
All the important supplies!

Clay tools, paint brushes, ceramic glazes, inks, and (of course) a wine frig.
This wall has lots of memories on it.
The frames held my grandmother's oil paintings. The printer tray has childhood collections and spoons from all around the world from my mother's parents travels. The ponchos and chest are a mixture of things found at the ranch Down Home, Lipscomb County Texas.
Thank you for coming.....