Ecclectic blending of styles

Mary T Barton specializes in abstract painting and hand built pottery.  Using color and emotion in her paintings gives her work an uplifting and vibrant approach to two-dimensional imagery, while the grounded nature of her pottery balances her need for earthy and tactile sculptures.

Paintings (Ink and Acrylics)


Alcohol Ink, Acrylic, and Mixed Media 

Women of Strength Sculptures


Sculptures mostly, home decor items, serving bowls and platters Watch this Women... 


Collect merchandise from my art

Cool Printables! Here you can browse from a variety of styles to have printed upon mugs, bags, accessories, journals, home decor....

  • Mugs

    Cool printable merchandise from my originals! Enjoy your favorite beverage in these 11 oz mugs

  • Bags

    These weekender bags are a great way to carry your items in style!

  • Totes and Journals

    Take your journaling or book club accessories to a new level -- Find your own design here.

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