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Masters Series Oval Platter

Masters Series Oval Platter

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Masters Series -- earthenware clay and glazes -- hand built

The idea for this came from my love of two master artists.  The design formed because, in my mind, if Gustav Klimt and Henri Matisse had a "baby" ... this is what they would create!

Design, pattern, and flair are exhibited in this series.  Some say that it takes on a quilt-like pattern (which is also very appropriate since I was raised loving my grandmothers' quilt designs).

This earthenware pottery is low-fire clay using food-safe glazes.  However, because it is earthenware (and not stoneware or porcelain), it is not safe to cook in.  

Perfect for a serving platter or as a decorative piece.

Measuring at 14" x 8" x 4" -- square black metal stand included

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